A brief explanation about our prices.

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If you are not happy with any part of our work, we will make it right at no cost to you. 

It is rare for our industry to share prices with customers. We understand that pricing makes a difference to a lot of people, so want to share our pricing model. Since we have nothing to hide in our pricing, we want to share our potential customers to ensure we are a good fit for their project. 

To some of our customers pricing is the main focus and we know we are not the right fit for everyone. We don’t do price discounts, haggling, or price-matching. We want to pay our employees well and be a financially stable business that will be around for many years.  We know we are not the lowest price company. We strive to create the best value and support to our customers. 

It can be hard to understand why there are such differences in pricing between companies. We often get the question “Is the owner trying to get rich off me?” or “Why is it so expensive?” or “You were only here for xx minutes, why is it so much?”

We will answer those questions for you now. 

It only took xx minutes to do, why is it so expensive?

Our staff brings years of experience to our customer projects. Over time they have been able to increase efficiency and reduce the time on the job site. To that point, we generally charge based on the skill required for the task and not just the time it takes. 

Why is it so expensive?

This is a valid question since so many homeowners work with a limited budget. With many projects, a homeowner could do it themselves for much less money instead of paying us thousands of dollars.

There is a lot of overhead to running a service business to ensure we can take care of our customers quickly and efficiently. We have created, and still creating, a team of skilled team members and we want to pay them well for their skill. We want to provide that staff with the best equipment possible so they can get to the job site and do their job quickly and efficiently while minimizing downtime or project delays.

While all that is true, we are always looking at ways to create the most value for our customers. We look at all of our routines to ensure that we are not wasting time. We also offer our staff training so they can be the best-trained in their field for our customers. 

Is the owner trying to get rich off me?

It is very important to us to pay our staff well above the local going rate. This helps us to reduce turnover which in turn help keep consistency for our customers. You will see the same staff members year after year on your property. 

We want our business to be a place that our team members can make a career and provide for their families. It takes a financial commitment to build a company that is profitable enough to able to pay middle class earnings. 

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